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The Black Code.

Our Why. Our Purpose. Our Way.

Thank you for visiting The Black Code. It is with great pride that we present The Black Code, a community for African-Americans, Blacks, Wakandan’s, to highlight our achievements in business, technology, and the creative arts. This is a place where we are uplifted and appreciated.

We, as Black people in business and technology, have personally felt the challenges that other Blacks often face in various industries. These barriers are often the reason many black businesses never get off the ground or fall short of the overall success. Contrary to what others believe it is not because of market conditions, lack of technology (we can code too) or better execution from competition, but often simply because of the color of our skin. We hold tremendous buying power and dictate popular culture, but we are underestimated and easily overlooked when it comes to matters of gaining economic power.

We should ask ourselves the following:

  • How many times do we have to be told “No”, despite working just as hard and often times harder than our non-black counterpart?

  • How many times are we going to hear about women's equality but still exclude the actual woman who is colorful?

  • How many times are we going to have investors say they just can't find Black founders?

Considering these questions, personal experiences shared by a collective of people, we figured it is time we unite and come together as a people; not necessarily to be noticed but to ignite change from within. We aim to share our stories, the victories and the challenges. We aim to provide resources so that we can go from zero to one and beyond, and thrive at creating successful companies. We aim to build businesses that impact the world and achieve the economic power we deserve.

Today, Thursday, March 1, 2018, the day after the end of Black History Month we present to you The Black Code.

Definition: A place where we can celebrate our Black history while creating a prosperous future for our people.

We are The Black Code.


Thursday, March 1, 2018

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